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Hi and welcome to The Little Blog, yes that’s right there is another opinionated person telling you about all the crap they love…

But on a serious note, this is just a collection of my findings from all of the testing I do on the many consumer goods I buy within the hair and beauty world! (and if my husband is reading this on the 2 products I have purchased… )

I felt that I was being asked different hair and beauty questions so often from friends, family and clients and I love being able to help them. I will be sharing the knowledge I have from my own personal experiences/client experiences . They will include my, how

to, what I'm loving /not loving, in all things hair and beauty, and of course what's happening at The Litte Cove.

I'm really excited to share this with you and also find out your thoughts and opinions too. If you have any requests please send me a message. x

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